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Get a better night's sleep with a custom-fitted snoring appliance from your dentist at Circle Drive & 8th Street Dental.

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Snoring Devices for a Better Sleep

While occasional snoring may be annoying to those who live with you, it is rarely cause for concern. However, chronic snoring may be caused by health issues such as obesity, a problem with your airway, or a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. 

When you snore, your relaxed throat tissues cause your airway to narrow, which can lead to loud snoring as oxygen is forced past.

If you suffer from chronic snoring and/or sleep apnea, your throat tissues over-relax and block the airway, which means you may not be getting enough oxygen at night. You may also feel tired during the day after a night of disrupted sleep. 

Your dentist can provide a custom-made oral appliance that opens the airway by moving the lower jaw and tongue muscles. This helps improve your breathing so you can get the deep sleep you need. 

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